Cannes 2018 According to Publicist Kirsty Langsdale

Courtesy of subject
Kirsty Langsdale

The head of international publicity for the U.K.-based Organic shares her take on the fest.

Best place to grab a drink after 3 a.m.
A big glass of water from my apartment kitchen.

Your “Only in Cannes” moment
Bringing in U2 for a screening of their 3D concert film [in 2007]. They pulled out their guitars at the top of the red steps and played live. It’s still a thrill to have been a very small cog in that wheel. ... Though at the time, pulling it together did almost send me over the edge — pun intended.

Your Cannes guilty pleasure
Cannes gave me the taste for good (must be pale) roseĢ back in 2005. It’s my Cannes fix and tastes extra good at the end of a long press day. And there’s absolutely no guilt, let’s be clear on that.

Biggest pet peeve
Taking your shoes off when you step onto a yacht. When you’re 5-foot-nothing, it’s tough to lose your shoes along with any sense of authority you hoped you had in those extra inches!

One thing you won’t travel without (besides your phone)
It’s a cliche, but Berocca is a festival essential ... along with earplugs, a spare printer cartridge, two black dresses and a second phone. I’m a publicist; I live by the Boy Scout motto: “Be prepared!”

Favorite meal at the festival
We all say it, but Cannes just isn’t Cannes without a trip to La Pizza. It’s a unique hub where you can catch up with anyone and everyone.

A version of this story appears in The Hollywood Reporter's May 9 daily issue from the Cannes Film Festival.