Cannes 2019 According to Marketing Exec Jonathan Saba

Jonathan Saba — Publicity — P 2019
Courtesy of Subject

The Senior vp distribution, sales & marketing of Saban Films gives his take on the fest.

Best bargain in Cannes?

Home visit by a doctor. 50 euros.

Favorite meal in Cannes

Al Charq.

Biggest faux pas?

Public drunkenness.

Strangest request you’ve ever gotten in Cannes?

Pleading the Fifth here.

Place to avoid during the festival?

Hertz rental car.

Biggest pet peeve?

All the coughing in the Palais.

One thing you won’t travel without, besides your phone?

Sunscreen and gingko leaf vitamins.

One thing you’d change about your hotel?

I’ve stayed in the same apartment for years. I wish the bed was more comfortable and I wish it smelled a little less like rotting fruit.

Cannes nightmare story?

Speaking on a film finance panel after a sleepless night.

Cannes guilty pleasure?

The third glass of rosé.

This story first appeared in The Hollywood Reporter's May 17 daily issue at the Cannes Film Festival.