Cannes Street Style: Mother-Son Duo, "Preppy" DJ and a Tracksuit Donned YouTuber


The cold, cloudy weather hasn’t dampened the Croisette’s fashion parade as a London producer picked her ensemble to prove her power, while another simply wanted to look bright: "I’m a rainbow hunter."

Name: Arabella

Age: 27

Residence: London

Occupation: Director-producer at W4 Films (Killer Weekend

My Look: "I wanted to wear something bold and bright. Females in film are being supported in the industry more than ever, but we’re still in the minority. Wearing an outfit that makes you feel confident and powerful is so important, particularly if you’re pitching."

Name: William

Age: 46

Residence: Paris

Occupation: Fashion journalist 

My Look: "For me, to dress and to wear clothes is the expression of language," he explains of his polka-dotted pants and black blazer. "It’s my style. I try to be different and follow my conviction."

Name: Nutsinee

Age: 39

Residence: Bangkok

Occupation: Managing director of fashion accessory brand

My Look: "Since I’m in Cannes, I wanted to wear something fashionable to look stylish. And also I wanted to wear something I cannot wear back home. You can’t wear a look like this in Thailand."

Name: Clement

Age: 25

Residence: Paris

Occupation: Unknown

My Look: "My outfit is inspired by Ryan Paris’ '80s video called Dolce Vita," he says of the retro music video by Italian musician Paris, which currently has 16.7 million views on YouTube. It was filmed in Paris and features vintage ensembles, women on roller skates and the Eiffel Tower.

Name: Cecile & Robin

Ages: 45, 10

Residence: Cannes

Occupation: Artist and student

Their Looks: The mother-son duo were strolling down the Rue d’Antibes on Wednesday during a shopping excursion. Asked for their style inspiration, Cecile says through a translator that it’s just normal everyday for them but that her chic son inspires her.

Name: Harvey

Age: 36

Residence: Paris

Occupation: DJ

My Look: "I don’t think about it — it’s just my natural look," says the DJ with 110,000 Instagram followers, who will spin at amfAR’s gala. "I would call my style preppy or dandy."

Name: Momtaz

Age: 38

Residence: London

Occupation: Fashion correspondent 

My Look: "I love color and patterns and I always dress for my mood and change my hair color by the season. This is a vintage dress, and the bag is from Thailand. I love handcrafted [items] from around the world. I’m basically a rainbow hunter."

Name: Ling

Age: 26

Residence: China

Occupation: Photographer

My Look: "I’m a fashion photographer, so I’m always out looking at street style and the shows so I know how to style my outfits. I always like to wear Chinese brands."

Name: Ana

Age: 22

Residence: Czech Republic

Occupation: Journalist

My Look: "It’s a menswear look and I don’t know how to describe it other than I saw it, loved it and wanted it and got it — like Ariana Grande says [in 7 Rings]." Best Cannes accessory for daytime black-tie? A citron-and-strawberry ice cream cone.

Name: Zorka

Age: 18

Occupation: "YouTube."

My Look: "This is my lifestyle," he says of his eye-catching ensemble that includes a floral tracksuit and Gucci headband. The overall inspiration? The Miami-born rapper Lil Pump, who also has multicolored dreadlocks.

This story first appeared in The Hollywood Reporter's May 19 daily issue at the Cannes Film Festival.