Cannes 2019 According to Yoga Instructor Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos — Publicity — H 2019
Courtesy of subject

The owner and instructor of CALM Yoga & More, who has also been teaching yoga in Cannes for seven years, gives her take on the fest.

Biggest pet peeve during the fest?

It changes the vibe of the city. … People who live here don’t want to go to the center because parking is difficult. So everyone avoids the center. It’s two different worlds.

Best celebrity encounter?

I was next to Susan Sarandon on the red carpet. We were so close, it seemed like I really was with her. I felt like we were best friends.

Your "only in Cannes" moment?

My first red carpet, I flew in from Geneva and we had a car pick us up. It dropped us in front of the red carpet, so when we got out, the photographers started shouting and taking pictures. My husband is very handsome and was in his tuxedo, so I think everyone thought he was a celebrity.

Any bad red carpet experiences?

Once, they wanted to seat us in the smaller theater, not with the stars and the big screen. I said to myself, "All this work for nothing?" I had done my hair and makeup and everything. But we were dressed up well, so we went for dinner.

This story first appeared in The Hollywood Reporter's May 19 daily issue at the Cannes Film Festival.