Cannes: 5 Places Not to Go When You're at the Festival

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Whether you're on a walk of shame or just on the way home, steer clear of these sketchy places.

This story first appeared in the May 16 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

Marche Gambetta

There is a pedestrian tunnel running under the freeway and train tracks that connects Marche Gambetta, and Residence Gambetta, to Boulevard d'Alsace and Rue Archard on the other side. The tunnel opens up to a strange, deserted square. Worse, it exits on a sharp, dark turn where panhandlers can wait at night. An empty patch of dumpsters and dirt that sometimes doubles as a petanque park by day, the square also is a popular night drinking spot -- one you don't want to pass alone.

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Behind Marche Forville and between Boulevard Victor Tuby

Tourists snap pics and pay top prices for vegetables and local delicacies at Marche Forville each morning, but by evening, this huge pavilion is unlocked and empty -- and remains so until the cycle begins again at dawn.

Rue Meynardier between Rue des Halles and Rue Louis Blanc

This busiest of tourist streets filled with cheap sunglasses and souvenirs by day is deserted -- and unlit -- at night. If you're coming back from an Old Town evening, it's safer to walk home on the bright and widely patrolled Rue Georges Clemenceau one block over.

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Beach area near Square 1945

Cannes crashers who can't find an empty couch for the night have been known to catch a couple hours of shut-eye on this beach just past the Martinez or in the nearby park before freshening up the next morning in a hotel lobby bathroom.

Le Petit Majestic

The last stop for partiers of all stripes. If you find yourself here at 4 in the morning, go home. Just make sure that no one is following you.