Cannes: A Who's Who

2012-19 FEA Cannes Wes Anderson Jason Schwartzman P IPAD
Fabrizio Maltese

Anderson (right) and his "Moonrise Kingdom" star Schwartzman at the Carlton Beach. The director told THR he recorded his walk up the red carpet on his phone.

Catching the filmmakers and stars who've kept the fest going around the clock.

Every May, Cannes becomes the crossroads of the film world, with stars of Hollywood and the international art house scene turning the Croisette into the most glamorous street on the planet. As the deals went down, the gowns shone and the parties continued until all hours, THR trained its lens on the faces that have been the talk of this year's festival, photographing them at the beach, by the pool and even luring them to a rooftop or two. Some are Cannes regulars and icons; others are new-to-the-scene actors the industry could be talking about for the rest of 2012. But all find the experience unlike any other, from director Wes Anderson, who called opening the fest "moving," to up-and-coming Bridesmaids star Chris O'Dowd, who dubbed Cannes "the Disneyland of film festivals."

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