Cannes: American Pavilion Opens for Business

Alexander Sandvoss/Newscom
American Pavilion

Paul Dano, Paul Bettany and Debra Granik are among the filmmakers on tap.

Filmmakers Paul Dano, Paul Bettany and Debra Granik, actors Topher Grace and Mads Mikkelsen, and Roadside Attractions co-president Eric D’Arbeloff are among those who will take part in programs at the American Pavilion, which opened today.

The lineup, unveiled by AmPav founder and director Julie Sisk, will take place in the Pavilion’s Roger Ebert Conference Center and is open to all AmPav members.

“For our 30th anniversary in Cannes, The American Pavilion will continue our mission to be international, independent and inclusive, at a time when U.S. politics are anything but,” Sisk said. “We look forward to providing hospitality and exciting programming for our members, in addition to supporting a new generation of students and emerging filmmakers for the next 30 years and beyond.”

The Pavilion opens May 8, and programming kicks off May 9.

The schedule is below. 

May 9

2:30 p.m.: Industry in Focus: Secrets of PR Pros: Emma Griffiths, Mark Pogachefsky and Hilda Somarriba

6-8 p.m.: Member cocktail party

May 10

10 a.m.: In Conversation: Paul Dano

12:30 p.m.: Industry in Focus: The Power of Genre Films: Noah C. Haeussner, Matt Landers, Maria Pulera, Heidi Zwicker

2 p.m.: Film Panel: House of Cardin: Rodrigo Basilicati, Matthew Gonder, P. David Ebersole, Todd Hughes

May 11

11 a.m.: Industry in Focus: Blockchain Technology: Under the Hood: Dan Hyman, Jeremy Kay

1:30 p.m.: Rafiki and the Diversity of African Stories: Wanuri Kahiu, Samantha Mugatsia, Sheil Munyiva, Steven Markovitz

2:30 p.m.: In Conversation: Hope Hall

May 12

12:30 p.m.: Women in Entertainment Presents: A Celebration of Women’s Work at Cannes

2 p.m.: Film Panel: Leave No Trace: Debra Granik, Anne Rosellini, Anne Harrison

3 p.m.: Industry in Focus: Casting: Where the Magic Happens: Constance Demontoy, Nicci Topping, Luci Lenox, Laura Munsterhjelm, Nancy Bishop, Vanessa Henneman

4:30 p.m. Industry in Focus: VR and Storytelling: Rodrigo Cerqueira, Natalie Metzger, Matt Miller, Danilo Moura

May 13

11 a.m.: In Conversation: Submarine: Dan and Josh Braun

12:30 p.m.: Film Panel: Arctic: Christopher Lemole, Noah C. Haeussner, Mads Mikkelsen, Ryan Morrison, Joe Penna, Tim Zajaros

2 p.m.: Industry in Focus: When is a Movie a Movie: Janet Brown, Chris Charalambous, Jean Prewitt

4-6:30 p.m.: LGBTQ Showcase & Reception

10 p.m. Queer Night

May 14

11 a.m.: Industry in Focus: American Short Films at the Cannes Film Festival: Patrick Bresnan, Jamie Dack, Logan George, Celine Held, Ivete Lucas, Andrew Zox

1 p.m.: Industry in Focus: The Music of the Cannes Film Festival: Rich Vreeland, Morgan Kibby, Kira Kira, Lucy Bright

2:30 p.m.: In Conversation: Eric D’Arbeloff

4 p.m.: Industry in Focus: Storytellers: The Filmmakers Behind the Stories We Love: Greg Sestero, Jim Cummings and John Sloss

May 15

Emerging Filmmaker Showcase Day

11 a.m.-1 p.m.: Emerging Filmmaker Showcase

1:30 p.m. Industry in Focus: Documentary Films at the Cannes Film Festival: Mark Cousins, Jonathan Chinn

4-6:30 p.m.: Emerging Filmmaker Showcase

May 16

11 a.m.: In Conversation: Topher Grace

12:30 p.m.: In Converation: Paul Bettany

3 p.m.: Industry in Focus: Hollywood in the Era of #MeToo and Times Up: Pamela Guest, Dionne Audain

May 17

11 a.m.: Indiewire’s Screen Talk Live: Eric Kohn, Anne Thompson

May 19: Closing Day/Night