Cannes: 'Arabian Nights' Maltese Poodle Wins Palm Dog Award

'Arabian Nights'

Lucky beat out stiff competition from Bob, the shepherd dog from 'The Lobster,' plus a labrador and a rottweiler to claim Cannes' most curious prize.

Take a bow-wow, Lucky the Maltipoo.

Two days before the coveted Palme d'Or is presented to the main competition winner in a glittering Palais ceremony, a more endearing — and actually wearable — award went to a four-legged recipient over in the U.K. Pavilion.

The 2015 Palm Dog Award — the 15th anniversary of Cannes' annual Nouvelle Wag — saw Lucky, a cross between a Maltese terrier and poodle, scamper home with the prize for her four-legged depiction of Dixie in Miguel Gomes' epic Arabian Nights three-parter. Lucky joins a list of celebrated mutts to have claimed the rhinestone collar, including The Artist's Uggie, Dug from Up, Baby Boy from Behind the Candelabra and the canine cast of last year's Hungarian dog apocalypse film White God.

Bob, the shepherd dog from The Lobster, actually a transformation of one of the human characters, took the jury prize.

While Arabian Nights' breakout star may have indeed been among the favorites, the labrador from Mountains May Depart and the rottweiler from Green Room might be thinking it a rather "ruff" call from the judges.

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