Cannes: Catherine Deneuve Responds to Unflattering Charlie Hebdo Cover

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

"I hope it's funny, even if it is nasty," said the French cinema icon.

In typically offensive style, Charlie Hebdo’s special Cannes cover featured a caricature of Catherine Deneuve — who appears in the festival curtain-raiser Standing Tall — looking somewhat obese on the red carpet, under the headline: "Suspicious package on the Croisette." (See image below.)

But the French icon shrugged off any insult at the film's press conference Wednesday, saying that while she hadn’t seen the magazine, you couldn’t expect Charlie Hebdo to have a cover "like a fashion magazine."

"I hope it’s funny," she said. "Even if it is nasty."

Deneuve's film, in which she plays a judge in family court helping young delinquents, opens the festival with its premiere Wednesday night.