Chloe Sevigny Packed Her Own Chanel Pieces for Cannes

"I hope they're not like, 'Oh, my god, she’s rocking Chanel every day and she looks like a crazy person,'" says the actress, who makes her directorial debut at this year's fest.

Chloe Sevigny is no stranger to Cannes. The actress has had four films screen In Competition (Kids, Demonlover, The Brown Bunny and Zodiac), and she's back on the Croisette this year with her directorial debut, a Refinery29 short film titled Kitty, that premieres Thursday as part of Critics' Week selections. It's a project Sevigny hopes will launch her directing career, but no matter what happens, the 41-year-old can always fall back on fashionable heels as the queen of cool on the indie scene and red carpets everywhere. The face of Jimmy Choo's spring/summer campaign talks to The Hollywood Reporter about fashion strategy and local indulgences.

What did you pack?

I’m wearing a lot of my own Chanel, and a few Cinderella dresses that I borrowed. I have a lot of my own Chanel, things like my vintage suspenders. It’s my own Chanel stuff that I hope they’ll approve of. I hope they’re not like, "Oh, my god, she’s rocking Chanel every day and she looks like a crazy person."

Were you looking for something special for your Cinderella dresses?

Yes, definitely especially for the Palais, because it’s such a thing. I’m really into white right now. I think it’s such a strong color and so beautiful. So, I’ve got a lot of white or cream looks. 

Do you have any tips for what to wear in Cannes?

The weather’s tricky in Cannes, and you’re walking a lot. You have to find something that you feel comfortable in — that's rule No. 1. And remember to dry your hair before you go to a press call. Once I showed up to a press call with wet hair. That was such a young-person move.

Do you have something you love to indulge in when you go to Cannes?

Rosé! A little rosé and a crepe on the go. It’s not so good for those Chanel dresses, though (laughs). 

Do you have any other funny memories from previous Cannes visits?

I remember the first year, I lost my luggage. I was here with [producers] Chris and Roberta Hanley and they were staying at Hotel du Cap. I had to borrow some of her clothes for a photoshoot at a pet cemetery on the grounds, and I was in some weird Gucci bikini.