Cannes' Craziest Moments

Keystone/Getty Images

From pissed-off directors and half-naked starlets to Seinfeld in a bee suit, the festival has not always been about elegance.

Ever since actress Simone SIlva pulled off her top on the beach in 1954 with photographers clicking away and Robert Mitchum trying to cover her back up, Cannes has put on one of the biggest sideshows on Earth. The titillating antics have never ceased, and the fest has made headlines for plenty of other nutty and embarrassing moments. "Of course it's a zoo, but don't we all love animals," Roman Polanski once said.

Directors' Hissy Fits
In 1989, Spike Lee was heard saying he had a "Louisville Slugger with Wim Wenders' name on it" after the Cannes jury -- headed by Wenders -- gave the top prize to sex, lies, and videotape over Lee's Do the Right Thing. And, after Roger Ebert called Vincent Gallo's 2003 The Brown Bunny "the worst in the history of Cannes," the director retorted by calling the critic "a fat pig with the physique of a slave trader."

Audience Uproars
No Festival de Cannes would be complete without a boundary-pushing film that prompts walkouts. Among the rogues gallery: Brown Bunny's infamous fellatio scene, cannibalism in 2001's Trouble Every Day, the nine-minute rape in 2002's Irreversible and the unbearable mutilations in Lars von Trier's 2009 Antichrist. Not everyone took their outrage lying down. In 1985, a man upset by Jean-Luc Godard's virgin-birth-themed Hail Mary threw a shaving-cream pie in the director's face. embarrassing promotional stunts Do these stars really want to remember the following? In 2007, Jerry Seinfeld hovered as a bumble bee above the Croisette for his Bee Movie. In a sign of box-office failure to come, festivalgoers watched as a blow-up figure of Arnold Schwarzenegger advertising 1993's Last Action Hero slowly deflated.

Ladies of the Night
In the late 1990s, a floating brothel anchored offshore, and a number of industry types were rumored to have rocked the boat.

The Flesh Parade
We've spared you seeing another picture of Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat mankini. The most memorable bare-it-all displays have ranged from the original iconic Brigitte Bardot in a bikini and Jayne Mansfield frolicking in a pool to Madonna dropping her robe to reveal a Gaultier bra for 1991's Truth or Dare. It got to the point where Cannes regulars were barely fazed when a group of Belgian cyclists rode down the Croisette naked in 2009 to promote a film.

The Power Play
As recounted in the 1992 book Hollywood on the Riviera, Jeffrey Katzenberg was said to have become so impatient with how long it took for food to be served at renowned restaurant Le Moulin de Mougins, he barricaded the door to the kitchen and announced, "No one eats until I get served my dinner."