Cannes According to ... Exec Adam Pincus: "Jet Lag Doesn’t Exist"

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Adam Pincus

First Look Media's executive vp programming and content dishes on the Croisette.

Your biggest faux pas at the festival?

A long screed about a film to someone at a hotel bar who, turns out, produced it.

Strangest request you’ve ever gotten in Cannes?

To have my picture taken with a stranger and their friend. But I’m pretty sure they thought I was Christoph Waltz.

Best place to grab a drink after 3 a.m.?

Bathroom sink, direct from faucet.

Place to avoid during the fest?

That incredibly packed place with the deafening music? That place.

What’s your "only in Cannes" moment?

Last year I watched Iggy Pop and Jim Jarmusch walk the red carpet, being photographed for something like 45 minutes. At midnight. Iggy was in a suit, no shirt (naturally).

What’s one thing you’d change about your hotel?

I love the ’80s as much as anybody. Wouldn’t change a thing.

What’s your secret for fighting jet lag?

Jet lag doesn’t exist. There’s just espresso, movies, too much talking and the adrenaline that comes from being late everywhere.

How has Cannes changed in the years since you’ve been attending?

The constants of Cannes are hard-coded: commitment (the world’s most ambitious filmmaking), complexity (the badge system) and chaos (the lines).