Cannes 2012: Beta Finds Buyers for 'Süskind,' 'Lost in Siberia'

Lost in Siberia Film Still H 2012

France's Eurozoom also picks up Oscar-nominated "In Darkness" from Beta.

CANNES – German sales outfit Beta Cinema has kicked off Cannes with a series of deals for Rudolf van der Berg’s WWII drama Süskind,  German comedy Lost In Siberia and Doris Doerrie’s latest, Bliss.

Beta closed for Italy (Madeleine), Japan (Only Hearts), China (Champ Lis) and Venezuela (Cines Unidos) for Süskind, which stars Karl Markovics (The Counterfeiters) as Ferdinand Aus der Fünten, a member of the Jewish Council of Amsterdam who saved Jewish children from being sent to the death camps.

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Peterpan Pictures in South Korea and Swallow Wings of Taiwan picked up Bliss, a crime drama and love story about a refugee and a homeless punk in Berlin, with AS Fidalgo securing Norwegian rights.

Lost in Siberia from director Ralf Huettner, the follow up to his sleeper hit Vincent Wants to Sea, went to buyers in Isreal (Lev Cinemas) and Bulgaria (Bulgarian Film Vision). The culture clash comedy stars Joachim Krol as a tweedy logistician from a German mail order company who finds love while overseeing a project in Siberia. Beta also found a French buyer for Agnieszka Holland’s Oscar-nominated In Darkness, with Eurozoom picking up the Holocaust drama.