Cannes According to Film Commissioner Monica Hemming-Rorvik

Monica Hemming-Rorvik - Publicity - P 2018
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The head of film and media promotion at Wesgro, which promotes Cape Town and the regions of South Africa's Western Cape, shares her take on the fest.

Best place in Cannes to grab a drink after 3 a.m.
Walking home, there is always a great pub or a party spilling open onto the street if one needs more sustenance.

Biggest faux pas
Being given a last-minute ticket and running down the Croisette to use it — but when I got past the red carpet and up the stairs and to ticketing, they kindly told me that the film was for the following night!

One thing you’d change about your hotel
A few years ago, I started Airbnb-ing and found that any room close to the center where most of my meetings are is fine. However, a few places have been a bit noisy.

One thing you won’t travel without (besides your phone)
Vitamin B12, sublingual tablets of 1,000 millicentigrams. I don’t get sick as much since finding that addition to my life.

Best bargain in Cannes
I’m usually too busy to go shopping, but once I saw an art exhibit and bought a sculpted cat-shape iPhone stand, and I love it. It’s designed from recycled plastic.

Your “Only in Cannes” moment
Bumping into Paris Hilton in the ladies room and saying, “Nice Dress,” but not really recognizing her. I had to talk to her as her bell-shaped dress took up half the room and I could not get by.

A version of this story appears in The Hollywood Reporter's May 13 daily issue from the Cannes Film Festival.