Cannes Film Fest Releases 2011 Poster

Cannes Film Festival

Faye Dunaway stars in the Fest's official poster and screening of a restored version of 'Puzzle of a Downfall Child.'

PARIS -- The Festival de Cannes will put together Puzzle of a Downfall Child with the 1970 film’s star director-actress duo Jerry Schatzberg and Faye Dunaway set for a visit to the Croisette in May for a screening of the film.

A photo of Dunaway taken by Schatzberg in 1970 is this year’s official festival poster backdrop.  “Model of sophistication and timeless elegance, it is an embodiment of the cinematic dream that the Festival de Cannes seeks to maintain,” fest organizers said of the poster’s image selection.

Puzzle has been restored by Universal Pictures and will be distributed in France by Carlotta in the fall.

Schatzberg and Dunaway are expected at the premiere of the restored version of the film in Cannes. Schatzberg joins fellow New Yorkers Robert De Niro and Woody Allen for the 10-day Manhattan-themed fest set to kick off in Cannes on May 11th.