Cannes: Fortissimo Films to Distribute Vietnam's 'Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass'

Courtesy Fortissimo Films
'Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass'

Sales will begin at Cannes for Victor Vu's drama about two young brothers in the 1980s.

Hong Kong and Amsterdam-based Fortissimo Films will distribute Victor Vu's Vietnamese drama Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass and will start sales at Cannes.

The movie is Vu's 11th. His previous movies include Vengeful Heart, Battle of the Brides and Scandal and he is considered one of Vietnam's top filmmakers.

Set in the mid 1980’s in a poor rural countryside village of central Vietnam, the film is a nostalgic story of two young brothers who share everything but also compete with each other while vying for the attention and affection of a young girl who lives nearby.

Produced by Galaxy Media & Entertainment, a major holiday release is planned for the film at the end of the year.

The film is based on the award winning and best- selling novel, I See Yellow Flowers Upon The Green Grass by Nguyen Nhat Anh.

The deal was negotiated by Fortissimo's chairman, Michael J. Werner, together with the film’s executive producer, D.T.  Huong.

"There is a whole new wave of cinema emanating from Vietnam that captures the energy, dynamism, introspective story-telling, and cinematic/technical sophistication of that society which is in transition. Victor encapsulates all of those trends and with this project he is working to create a film which will surely capture the hearts and minds of cinema-goers around the globe. We are honored to be working with him and my old friends at Galaxy," said Werner.