Cannes According to ... Gary Hamilton: "Most of the Restaurants Are Overrated"

Gary Hamilton - P 2016
Courtesy of Subject

The veteran producer and managing director of Arclight Films shares his take on the Croisette.

What’s the most overrated Cannes restaurant?

Most of the restaurants along the Croisette are overrated. The gems can be found in the most unlikely of places, like behind the train station or along an alley.

Do you have an "Only in Cannes" moment?

Duran Duran outing at du Cap. We were whisked away from the Palais and down to du Cap for drinks and conversation with Simon [Le Bon], Nick [Rhodes] and the gang for hours on end.

Have you had any red-carpet drama?

Walking down the red carpet with an A-list lead actress in a film, whose dress was falling apart as we walked, with a very efficient seamstress putting it back together along the way.

What’s your Cannes guilty pleasure?

Oysters at the old port. They just taste fresher than in any other part of the world.

What’s one thing you'd change about your hotel?

Everything. After years of Cannes, I’m still never entirely happy with any of them. But I never learn my lesson.

What’s one thing you won’t travel without?

My amazing wife, because she does all the work.