Cannes: German Director Uli Edel to Direct 'Harper's Fairy' (Exclusive)

Uli Edel

BiFrost Pictures will be producing and co-financing the project along with The Very Useful Company.

Oscar-nominated German director Uli Edel will direct Harper's Fairy for BiFrost Pictures.

Written by Nat Mauldin and Jeff Stein, the film follows a single father dealing with his young daughter’s terminal illness and his overbearing mother-in-law’s interference. He weaves fantastic stories about a fairy named Caitlin, and these stories seem to be coming to life in the real world.

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The project, slated to begin production in the first quarter of 2015, will be produced by Steffen Aumüller and Claus Clausen of The Very Useful Co., Daniel Wagner and Robert Ogden Barnum in association with The Bridge Finance Co. and MMC Studios. The film, which BiFrost Pictures is producing and co-financing along with The Very Useful Co., will shoot in Cologne, Germany.

Edel's 2008 film Der Baader Meinhof Komplex was nominated for a Golden Globe and an Oscar for best foreign language film. He's repped by Gersh.

BiFrost Pictures' current projects include Don Cheadle’s directorial debut Miles Ahead; Paul Bettany’s directorial debut Shelter; and The World Made Straight, directed by David Burris and starring Minka Kelly, Haley Joel Osment and Noah Wyle.