Cannes: Hayden Christensen Battles PTSD in 'Numb, at the Edge of the End' Trailer (Exclusive)

Marcus Ingram/Getty Images
Hayden Christensen

Watch the exclusive trailer for Rodrigo Vila's new apocalyptic thriller that is currenty being sold at Cannes.

The Hollywood Reporter has gotten an exclusive teaser trailer for Rodrigo Vila's Numb, at the Edge of the End.

Currently being shopped at the Cannes Film Festival, Numb follows Kurt Matheson (played by Hayden Christensen), a war veteran with PTSD who thinks that the end of the world is coming.

Harvey Keitel stars alongside Christensen as a dubious Messiah who leaves his normal life and begins to train himself for the end of the world.

"Numb tackles the threats of global warming and nuclear threats by showing Kurt Matheson’s journey to surviving the apocalypse," said Vila. "It is a surprising and shocking film that will appeal to a worldwide audience."

VMI Worldwide is selling the film for international.