Cannes: How to Walk the Steps of the Palais in a Long Gown and Stilettos

AP Images
Marion Cotillard relied on 'The Immigrant' co-star Jeremy Renner for balance at the 2014 festival.

Experts share their advice.

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Long gowns plus stilettos plus 24 steep stairs equals more treachery at the Palais du Cinema than the Oscars' Dolby Theatre, where Jennifer Lawrence took her spill. Some ladies, such as Marion Cotillard, choose a gentleman's arm for aid. Model-walk expert Margaret Luce suggests ascending in a zigzag: "The safest way to climb is on an angle. That way, you can keep your head up."

Jimmy Choo's Sandra Choi says "single-sole styles [like its Minny] work well for long gowns while still giving confidence." Also helpful: sandpapering or cutting a crisscross on the sole. Ouch for red-bottomed Louboutins!