Cannes: Idris Elba Voices 'Enchanted Kingdom' Nature Doc

Idris Elba

The feature-length 3D film, backed by BBC Earth Film and Reliance Entertainment, is being touted to buyers by IM Global.

Idris Elba will lend his voice to Enchanted Kingdom, the BBC Earth Films and Reliance Entertainment backed 3D nature movie being touted to buyers in Cannes by IM Global.

Billed as BBC Earth Films and Reliance Entertainment as the partners most ambitious 3D nature project to date, the movie takes the viewer to the wildest place on earth – Africa.

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Enchanted Kingdom co-director Neil Nightingale (Walking With Dinosaurs: The Movie) and Patrick Morris (TV’s Life) wrote the narration with acclaimed screenwriter, novelist and playwright Nigel Williams (Breaking Up).

Nightingale said: "You’ll tumble down trees, be swept along rivers and plunged over waterfalls. Enchanted Kingdom is what 3D was made for as it’s an entirely different kind of nature film, more immersive than anything audiences will have experienced before."

Filmmaker Mike Newell (Donnie Brasco) is an executive producer, and the music is by composer Patrick Doyle (Brave).

Morris said, "When you hear Idris’ rich voice guiding you through Enchanted Kingdom, it’s magnificent. It feels as though every person in the audience is being spoken to individually."

Sales and finance company IM Global will entice buyers with Enchanted Kingdom on the Croisette, hot off the heels of a launch in Japan where it took $3 million from its opening weekend box office weekend, outperforming titles including The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, American Hustle and The Lego Movie over that weekend.

The film is a BBC Earth Films production fully financed by Reliance Entertainment in association with IM Global and Evergreen Studios and produced by Myles Connolly, Amanda Hill and Nightingale, with Deepak Nayar, Stuart Ford, Marcus Arthur, Newell, Mike Devlin and Miles Ketley on board as executive producers, along with co-executive producers Martyn Freeman and Mike Gunton.

Following BBC’s films Deep Blue (2003) and Earth (2007), BBC Earth Films was formed in 2010 to create cinematic events based around the wonder of nature.

The public broadcaster’s last nature feature, One Life, was one of the top ten independent U.K. films at the worldwide box office in 2011.