Cannes: 'Iron Sky' Crowdfunding Raises $200,000 in 24 Hours

The Finnish production company behind the cult Nazis-from-the-moon film are pitching the sequel to buyers in Cannes.

Fans of the film Iron Sky have ponied up to help finance the company behind the cult Nazis-from-the-moon movie.

The Finnish producers of Iron Sky raised more than $200,000 in less than 24 hours from online investors after starting a crowdfunding campaign selling shares in the entire Iron Sky franchise.

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The funds are earmarked for the development of the sequel, Iron Sky: The Coming Race, as well as other films, video games and a TV series based on the franchise. Unlike crowdfunding efforts seen for films such as the recent Veronica Mars feature, the Iron Sky funding, rather than being simply donations actually gives investors shares in Iron Sky Universe, the company that owns the Iron Sky brand.

The producers, who are pitching Iron Sky: The Coming Race to buyers in Cannes, have extended the funding campaign until Tuesday, May 20. They plan to carry out a second round of funding later this year.

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