Cannes: This Is the Anti-Aging Treatment to Know

Yann Feron/Courtesy of Subject

Luxury beauty spa L.Raphael's latest beauty offering is meant to rejuvenate skin with the combo of an ultrasound and an electrical pulse.

Tucked away on the seventh floor of the Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez is luxury beauty spa L.Raphael, a destination used by festival regulars to escape the crush of the Croisette and access the firm’s world-renowned technology-driven treatments.

L.Raphael always uses the Cannes Film Festival to launch a new beauty treatment each year (in 2015, it was the Diamond OxyLift Facial). New for the 69th festival is a pair of treatments designed to be used as a one-two punch: the Ultra Power C Lift (890 euros) and its Power C Cure (790 euros).

The anti-aging lift is meant to rejuvenate skin with a combination of an ultrasound and an electrical pulse "with a strong antioxidant cocktail," a rep for the spa tells Pret-a-Reporter. But best results come when it’s packaged with the Power C Cure, a 30-day treatment that requires a daily mask. C’est magnifique!