Cannes According to ... Jewelry Rep Desiree Gallas: "Be Prepared to Shake Your Hips"

Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Van Cleef & Arpels
Desiree Gallas

The media relations director of Chopard USA shares her take on the Croisette.

Are there any essential shops to visit during the fest?

I always have to pay homage to Hermes and never come home without a new pair — or two — of classic Repetto flats.

What’s the best place to grab a drink after 3 a.m.?

The best place to pull an all-nighter is definitely Club Albane! Luckily, Chopard will have a nightly table, so I’ll never have to worry about their strict door policy this year.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

I cannot understand how anyone can be in Cannes and not want to tear it up on the dance floor. This isn’t Dancing With the Stars. I don’t care if you’re a good dancer or not, but you better be prepared to shake your hips.

What’s your craziest celebrity encounter?

When I was at the Vanity Fair party in 2014, and Sylvester Stallone bumped into me and almost knocked me off my stilettos. Like the true action hero he portrays, Stallone swiftly spun into action and caught me mid-fall.

What’s your advice for a Cannes first-timer?

Make sure to pack your vitamins, protein bars, Aveda dry shampoo and the best undereye concealer you can find.