Cannes: JJD Consultancy and Buffalo 8 Speakers Team for Emerging Markets Panel Discussion

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

The event is being held in conjunction with The Hollywood Reporter.

JJD Consultancy and Buffalo 8 Speakers, in partnership with The Hollywood Reporter, have revealed the speakers for their upcoming Cannes panel discussion, Opportunities in Emerging Global Markets: The New Gold Rush.

The panel, set to take place at 10:30 a.m. on Friday at the La Plage Royale's Members Club, will feature a variety of global power brokers, including Gersh's Gerren Crochet, Indian actress and filmmaker Nandita Das, co-founder of Arab distributor and production banner Mad Solutions Alaa Karkouti, Ivanhoe Films president of production Kilian Kerwin, Ascend Talent Management founder Sarah Inya Lawal, and Cinepolis' COO Miguel Mier. 

The session will also examine the role of "big data" in this expansion and the connections between countries, and it will feature the panel members' predictions on the impact of these changes on content.

With analytics indicating that markets in Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East are poised to become dominant players on the world stage, the panel will explore the growth and impact of this shift, as the current western push for "diversity" will increasingly become a business necessity. Executives who are navigating these uncharted waters will discuss their current strategies, what content works in their markets, what is exporting and their future plans.

“Diversity is a term that is thrown around but it is very important to understand what that actually means from a business perspective,” said JoJo Dye, CEO of JJD Consultancy. “It’s a huge spectrum but we aim through our think tank at the Members Club to open this global discussion and really explore new and exciting possibilities.”