Cannes: L.A. Film Noir With Smiths Tunes Hits The Market (Exclusive)

The Smiths Portrait Facebook - H 2012

The Smiths Portrait Facebook - H 2012

The movie will be the sophmore outing for LA-based British filmmaker Trevor Miller will direct with London music impresario Sean McLusky with U.S. banner Brink films co-producing.

A contemporary film noir set to a soundtrack of covers by L.A. bands of legendary British group The Smiths has Mark Boone Junior (TV's Sons of Anarchy) and Sam Hazeldene (The Monuments Men) attached to star is tuning up.

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It tells the story of a surveillance contractor who drifts through Los Angeles at night photographing "cheating couples" and their illicit sexual acts. Crippled by loneliness and alienation, he falls for a jilted wife and unwittingly photographs her husband burying the body of dead girl in the high desert plunging him into a morass of intrigue, deception and murder.

LA-based British filmmaker Trevor Miller will direct with London music impresario Sean McLusky producing through the pair's London based production banner 1234 Films.

McLusky said he is scheduled to put the idea out to post-Punk bands from the Californian city, likely to include musicians who play at the Smell club in downtown L.A.

U.S.-based Brink Films, the label behind Spun, with Mickey Rourke and Jason Schwartzman, will co-produce.

McLusky, who lands in Cannes Saturday to shop the movie to buyers and financiers and play a DJ-set at a pop up version of hot Paris club Silencio, told THR the aim is to shoot in L.A. next spring.

The pair is also developing a big screen version of Miller's own acid-house sci-fi novel Trip City set in London.

Originally published by sci-fi legend Brian Aldiss in 1989 the book garnered cult status.

It has long been identified as the leading novel set within U.K. dance music culture and was originally released with four track EP by A Guy Called Gerald (of Voodoo Ray fame).

1234 Films takes its name from the indie record label and the British capital's Shoreditch Music Festival of the same name with the pair aiming to produce "bespoke, little Rock & Roll movies for an international audience."

Their first and to date only project Riot On Redchurch Street was executive produced by seasoned veteran Hamish McAlpine, one of the movie industry's most flamboyant characters.

That project is being sold at the Cannes Market by Moviehouse Entertainment.