Cannes According To ... Lawyer Marc H. Simon: "Despite Some Attitude, They're Actually Nice"

Marc H. Simon - S 2016
Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic

The Cowan DeBaets Abrahams & Sheppard lawyer shares his take on the Croisette.

What’s the most overrated Cannes restaurant?

Pastis. It’s not particularly different from all the other local spots, but it has the longer wait to get in and the longer wait to relieve yourself — one toilet for the whole place. But despite some attitude, they’re actually nice.

What is one thing you have lost during the fest?

My Cannes bag at Pastis filled with important contents. Thankfully I wrote my name on the nifty name tag that is provided, and Pastis held it for me until the next day — thank you!

Do you have a Cannes nightmare story?

Sorry, attorney-client privilege.

What’s one thing you’d change about your hotel?

I’d undo my canceled reservation for the first two nights and the resulting price escalation for the suite — the only room left.

What’s the best bargain in Cannes?

The only bargain I’ve ever found is being the guest at a dinner party.

Where’s the best place to avoid during the festival?

Crossing the street in front of the Palais, unless you’re about to head up the red carpet.