Cannes Lions: Nick Jonas Embraces Music Streaming Services

Courtesy of WME
Nick Jonas

He also teased a new sound following his breakup album last year: "It's time for some positivity I think."

Nick Jonas was singing the praises of streaming services during his speaker session at Cannes Lions, saying the new method of music consumption has actually given him artistic freedom.

“At first there was a little fear in this new, very progressive way that people were receiving and listening to music, how it was going to affect us in compensation as artists, as songwriters, as producers, but also how it would change the traditional album model,” he said, but after reflecting on the new style of playlists he feels freer as an artist.

“I can sort of experiment with different things and sort of jump around a bit and be a bit of a scatterbrain creatively, which is exciting," he said. "I think this new age in music is something to embrace and it just empowers everybody.”

His next album will be a creative departure for him and a more upbeat sound. “I think for the fan experience coming to the shows where the songs are a bit more up-tempo and brighter will be better than the breakup album I released last year. It’s time for some positivity, I think,” he said.

The Kingdom star said after wrapping three years of the DirecTV show and the Hawaiian shoot for Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, he took some time off to travel around Europe with friends. The trip was inspirational and will influence this new sound.

Following his recent move to WME, Jonas said he is focusing on causes that are close to his heart, including education on and work towards finding a cure for Type 1 diabetes, from which he suffers, and LBTGQ rights.

“I’m in a big moment of excitement with a new team at WME and we’re going to talk about what the right partnerships are for the next chapter of my career [and] also for what is going to move the needle … and finding a way to make a difference beyond music and film projects.”

The star also added that he is eager to get involved in startups that align with his causes, what he termed a “dream scenario” where he can prioritize equity in a company and “not a paycheck up front … that might end up being a strong investment for me in a long play.”

But as audience members seemed eager to pitch ideas, he said he trusts his new team to find those opportunities for him. “Singing and acting is about all I can do,” he joked. “When it comes to business I’m staying out of that conversation.”