Cannes: Lionsgate, Roadside, Saban Take 'Hologram for the King'

Hologram for the King Still - H 2015
Helmut Prein

Hologram for the King Still - H 2015

Tom Tykwer is directing the Middle East drama starring Tom Hanks.

Lionsgate, Roadside Attractions and Saban Entertainment have closed a deal that will see the three companies teaming up to take domestic rights to A Hologram for the King, Tom Tykwer’s Middle East-set drama.

Tom Hanks will star as a washed-up businessman attempting to reinvent his career. Sarita Choudhury (Homeland), Omar Elba (Intelligence), Tracey Fairaway (Enough Said), David Menkin (Zero Dark Thirty) and Tom Skerritt (Ted). The movie re-teams Hanks with Tykwer, who co-directed him in Cloud Atlas.

The film has already sold out in most international territories, with Icon handling the U.K. and Tykwer's X Filme, who produced Hologram for the King handling Germany. 

Saban and Roadside previously teamed up to distribute Tommy Lee JonesThe Homesman, which debuted at last year’s Cannes.

Lotus and CAA repped the film in the deal.