Cannes Luxury Spa Keeps Teens Forever Young With Targeted Skincare Program

Jean-François Romero

The founder of the Hotel Martinez’s L.Raphael says she was driven to develop a new skin-care treatment to help the younger generation deal with the pressures of social media.

L.Raphael — the luxury spa located on the seventh floor of Hotel Martinez — is targeting a new demographic with the latest addition to its service menu: teens.

The Youth Program is available to individuals or even groups (think friends or siblings) and is a full-service approach to boosting the well-being of clients through spa services, acne treatments, fitness, diet, home care and hair removal. Spa insiders say the reason they are targeting teenagers came about because the spa’s founder believes the younger generation is feeling increased pressure to be blemish-free thanks to social media.

“At the age of 18, I suffered from minor acne and tried a chemical peel that seriously damaged my skin and left me with second-degree burns. I spent years meeting with dermatologists all over the world to learn everything I could about skin care,” L.Raphael founder Ronit Raphael says. “Now, when I watch my three children growing and facing body concerns such as acne, nutritional issues and excessive hair, it has driven me to develop more and more effective solutions that can help them and all other teenagers around the world.”

L.Raphael, which is known for signature Oxy treatments that are gentle enough to go from spa to the red carpet, is also unveiling two other feathers in its cap: a Colla Jet Facial treatment that combines the effects of pure oxygen with vials of collagen and peptide to reduce wrinkles and a new spa remodel.

Overseen by designer Alexandra de Garidel, it features a new color palette of beige, white, black and blue to reflect both the tranquility of the sea and the hotel’s art deco motif. Still the same: L.Raphael’s signature orange gift and product boxes that add a pop of color.

A version of this story appears in The Hollywood Reporter's May 12 daily issue from the Cannes Film Festival.