Cannes: 'Mad Max' Actress Courtney Eaton Discusses Working With Charlize Theron, Female Empowerment (Video)

'Mad Max: Fury Road' is the first film Eaton has appeared in.

Mad Max: Fury Road actress Courtney Eaton sat down with The Hollywood Reporter at the Cannes Film Festival to discuss her film debut and working with Charlize Theron.

"She's incredible to watch work," Eaton said of Theron. "She gives it her all every single take and just goes beyond." During on-set filming breaks, Eaton said that Theron would sit down and joke with the cast in the crew tent: "She's really cool. She's amazing."

Eaton credits her father, who is a Mad Max fan, for making her audition for the role: "I was still in school, and I was with a modeling agency and the casting directors came to my agency and asked me to do a tape. And then my dad, he's a massive fan, made me do the audition. So I have him to thank."

The actress also discussed how Mad Max encourages female empowerment because of Theron's leading role, and that women have "always been doing stuff."

"There's a lot of back story and I think the women in this film kind of kick ass, which is great," Eaton told THR.

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