Cannes: Magnolia Picks Up Tony Jaa's 'The Protector 2' for U.S.

Tony Jaa H

Sahamongkolfilm International's 3D action vehicle, which will be the highest budget Thai film ever made, has also been sold throughout Aisa.

Tony Jaa is back in, well... action, of course. The Thai martial arts star is returning to the screen in October with The Protector 2 (Thai title: Tom Yum Goon 2, aka TYG2), helmed by director Prachya Pinkaew and action choreographer Panna Ritthikrai, who help Jaa achieve pan-Asia mega stardom in the Ong Bak trilogy and the first Tom Yum Goong project.  With a reported budget of $20 million,The Protector 2 is set to become the highest-budget Thai film ever produced. 

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Sahamongkolfilm has sold the title to Magnolia Pictures for North America. Various other territories have also come onboard, including Russia (Volga), South Korea (Sonamu), Hong Kong (Edko), Singapore (Scorpio East), Malaysia (RAM) and India (Indo Overseas). The Thai studio has been showing buyers in Cannes a 30-minute 3D promo reel of TYG2. Negotiations for additional deals in the U.K. and Canada are said to be underway.