Cannes: New Company Glacier Films Announces 11-Picture Slate

Tove Christensen Hayden Christensen 2011 - P 2013
Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Tove Christensen Hayden Christensen 2011 - P 2013

Hayden Christensen and his brother Tove Christensen are two of the producers in the company, which will have its official launch at a yacht party at the fest.

New production company Glacier Films has announced an 11-picture film slate, beginning with American Heist, a remake of a 1959 Steve McQueen movie.

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Actor Hayden Christensen and his brother Tove Christensen, who have produced two films (Vanishing on 7th Street, Shattered Glass) together through their company Forest Park Pictures, are teaming with Sarik Andreasyan, Gevond Andreasyan and Georgy Malkov to form the company. They’ll have an official launch party on a yacht in Cannes on Sunday.

American Heist, a remake of McQueen's St. Louis Bank Robbery, is set to begin shooting June 16 in New Orleans. Starring Hayden Christensen and helmed by Andreasyan, the pic will follow two troubled brothers who get tangled up in a doomed bank heist. Paradigm is repping the project.

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The three-year plan is a combination of six films in the $10 million range, and five projects aiming at the micro-budget genre, with budgets of approximately $1.5 million each. Financing comes from the Russian concern, Renovatio.

The micro-budget side will launch with the historical horror fantasy Lady of Csejte, based on the true story of serial killer Countess Bathory, who allegedly killed hundreds of people in 16th century Transylvania.