Cannes: Organizers of Hotel du Cap Terror Stunt Apologize

Oraxy Terrorism Stunt - H 2016
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"It was definitely not planned to look like a terrorist attack," says a rep for Paris-based Oraxy.

The Paris-based company Oraxy on Saturday apologized for a stunt on Friday which scared diners at the Hotel du Cap when a boat of six men in military-style gear flying a black flag pulled up to the dock, saying it was not meant to frighten guests.

“It was not about scaring people, and it was definitely not planned to look like a terrorist attack," a spokeswoman for the company told The Hollywood Reporter. "If they scared people, they feel very badly about it. They did not mean for people to take it that way.”

The stunt had been planned and previously known, she says, as the boat had interacted with the maritime police before being allowed to pass the area that is dotted with super yachts from moguls, such as Steven Spielberg, Ronald Perelman and Roman Abramovich.

Oraxy bills itself as a luxury commerce company that provides a “private global marketplace reserved exclusively for UHNWI,” or Ultra High Net Worth Individuals. The representative wouldn't say who the company's backers are, but said they are specialized in culture, travel, fine jewelry, yachts, private jets and the luxury business.

“I guarantee they are very honorable people,” she added without sharing their identities. “They are surprised it was seen as a ‘terrorist’ attack, and they are very sorry if it was seen that way, because it was not meant to be taken that way at all.”

The stunt came at a time when Cannes is under high alert, with an increased security presence following last year’s January and November attacks in Paris that has seen soldiers patrolling the streets.

The rep said the stunt was not mean to frighten people with already frayed nerves, adding that the mysterious team is "very upset" if they unintentionally scared people.

Meanwhile, a rep for the French National Police based in Antibes says that no arrests have been made and that there is an ongoing investigation into the incident.

The Oraxy spokeswoman believes that the stunt was received badly because of the gray skies and stormy seas on Friday, but festgoers should remain on the lookout. “They are hoping to do other actions in Cannes [during the festival], if the weather improves,” she said, highlighting the company plans to be careful not to make the same mistake. "It will be something more sporty."