Cannes According to ... Palm Dog Founder Toby Rose: Never Stand Near the Majestic During Red Carpets

Cannes According to Toby Jones - H 2017
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The top dog recalls his favorite fest memory (with Xavier Dolan).

Do you have any Cannes rituals?

I take note of the first person I meet as I hit the Croisette in Cannes. Will it be a fellow journo or an industry pro or a star? This chance encounter sets the tone for my Cannes.

Is there anything you bring with you to every festival?

A signature shirt to give me a strong look, should Johnny Depp insist on a souvenir snap. Plus suntan lotion and an umbrella to cover all bases on the weather.

What’s the place to avoid during the festival?

Never attempt the pavement corner in front of the Majestic at the hour of the evening red carpet. This is a scrum that takes no prisoners. Those who enter abandon all hope.

Is there anywhere you go to get away from the madness of the Croisette?

The cafe opposite the merry-go-round in front of the Majestic. It screams tourist and is [avoided] by all those with accreditation.

Do you have a favorite Cannes memory?

One balmy Cannes night on the Da Laura terrace, I became distracted by a dish at the next table. Stumped for an opening gambit, I asked where he had sourced his sneakers. This prompted Xavier Dolan — for it was he — to remove his right shoe and read aloud the label. Feeling emboldened, I took a chance and asked where he had purchased his trousers. The trousers stayed on, but Xavier Dolan cracked me a smile.