Cannes Panic: Christoph Waltz Rushed Offstage; Man With Suspicious Device Apprehended (Video)

Cannes Shooting Screengrab - H 2013

Cannes Shooting Screengrab - H 2013

UPDATED: A witness tells THR, "I thought I heard them say, 'Run, he has a gun,' " as Canal Plus reports that a man fired off two rounds of blanks during its broadcast.

Chaos erupted on the Croisette on Friday when a noise that sounded like gunshots broke out during a crowded evening on Cannes' main thoroughfare.

While security on the scene first told The Hollywood Reporter that fireworks had been set off, witnesses later said it was indeed a man with a gun.

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The incident occurred just before the live television broadcast of Le Grand Journal, a nightly news and entertainment program that broadcasts from Martinez beach every day during the Cannes Film Festival. Jury members Christoph Waltz and Daniel Auteuil were being interviewed when the incident occurred. They were rushed offstage.

The broadcast was interrupted until police took the man away. In photos seen by THR, the man appears to be holding a suspicious device of some sort in his hand.

According to an eyewitness, after the small explosion, police told the crowd to run. He said: "I thought I heard them say, 'Run, he has a gun.' "

No one was injured, according to security personnel at the scene.

After the incident, Canal Plus said on the air that two blanks were fired from a gun and the man had been holding something that looked like a grenade.

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After the man was taken away, the producers of the program made an announcement to the crowd that the broadcast would continue: “The show must go on."

Canal Plus, which broadcasts the show, tweeted "incident near @GrdJournal is over, everyone is OK, #LGJ will be back on in a few moments."

Watch video of the incident below.