Cannes Part of Plans for $1 Billion Film City in Eastern China

Joel Ryan/Invision/AP
Plans are in place to create a Cannes-type film festival in Chinese county of Anji.

The French city along with Chinese partners is looking to create a Cannes-style film festival as well as cultural and tourism zone in the Eastern Chinese city of Anji.

The China Film Exchanges and Cooperation Association, the Asia Pacific Exchange (CFECA) and Cooperation Foundation (APECF), and the city of Cannes have revealed plans to create a $1 billion French-influenced film, culture and tourist center, China Daily reported on Tuesday. 

The Chinese county of Anji, located in the Eastern province of Zhejiang, has been picked as the location for the prospective Film City.

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Organizers hope that once built, the proposed Film City can introduce a Cannes-type film festival to Eastern China, with the involvement of the city of Cannes seen as a clear indicator of what the backers hope to achieve long-term. 

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Details are still being fleshed out, but at the official announcement on Monday, the organizers hoped to start with Sino-French film exchanges while the three partners constructed the Film City in Anji. 

Xiao Wunan, executive vice-chairman of APECF said: "This film festival should also maintain strong Chinese features. We hope this program can push China's film industry to a higher level."