Cannes 2012: Paul Andrew Williams Set To Direct Holocaust Drama 'Sobibor'

Paul Andrew Williams 2008 - P 2012
Scott Gries/Getty Images

Paul Andrew Williams 2008 - P 2012

The true story of an escape from the Nazi concentration camp would reteam director Williams with his "Song for Marion" producers Egoli Tossell and Steel Mill.

CANNES – British director Paul Andrew Williams, currently in post-production on the comic drama A Song For Marion, may turn serious for what could be his next project, the concentration camp drama Sobibor.

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The project, for which Williams will also pen the script, is based on a little-known true story about the only recorded escape from a concentration camp. In October 14, 1943, around half of the 600 prisoners in the Sobibor extermination camp in Nazi-occupied Poland revolted against their guards and escaped. The Nazis closed down the camp and bulldozed it. Sobibor was back in the headlines recently after a German court last year sentenced John Demjanjuk to complicity in the murder of more than 28,000 Jews at the camp. Demjanjuk, who died in March this year while waiting appeal, is likely to be the last man convicted of Nazi war crimes.

Song For Marion producers Steel Mill in the U.K. and Egoli Tossell in Germany will co-produce Sobibor, which may be Williams’ next project.

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Steel Mill and Egoli Tossell also teamed up on Filth, Jon S. Baird’s adaptation of the Irvine Welsh novel about a junkie Scottish cop, which stars James McAvoy, Jamie Bell, Jim Broadbent and Imogen Poots and which Sierra/Affinity is selling at Cannes’ Marche du Film.  

Egoli Tossell's parent company, Film House Germany, will act as an equity financier in Sobibor

A Song for Marion stars Gemma Arterton, Vanessa Redgrave, Terence Stamp and Christopher Eccleston.