Photo Catches Couple Having Sex on Cannes Red Carpet

Cannes Lions Couple - H 2015

Cannes Lions Couple - H 2015

Adweek's David Griner shot the moment with his iPhone, asking himself, "Is this really happening?"

Love was in the air at Cannes, and there's a photo to prove it.

At around 4:30 a.m. Tuesday, a couple was photographed having sex on the Cannes Lions red carpet by Adweek Managing Editor of Digital David Griner. He and a few colleagues were sitting on a balcony at a relaxed party thrown by an ad agency.

"The few of us remaining all watched the scene unfold, occasionally looking at each other with the 'Is this really happening?' face, Griner wrote in an Adweek post. "Since we couldn't really see the couple's faces, I snapped a photo with my iPhone just for a laugh. I didn't even think you'd really be able to see them at all with the giant glowing sign overhead and general darkness."

Griner wrote that he wouldn't have posted the photo — which received more than 700 retweets and became the source of much media attention — if it were possible to identify the couple. He said he didn't feel like "we or the other late-night balcony dwellers were intruding on a private moment, since it was most certainly quite public."

The red carpet in question will host the Cannes Lions awards show on Saturday.