Cannes According to ... PR Vet Jonathan Rutter: "Try to Maintain Your Dignity"

Darren Brade
Jonathan Rutter

Premier PR's director of film dishes on the Croisette.

Do you have any Cannes rituals?

I never drink after midnight.

Is there anywhere you go to get away from the madness of the Croisette and escape for a while?

If only I had the time.

What’s your "only in Cannes" moment?

A drinks party for Julie Taymor’s Titus on Paul Allen’s yacht, when one of the cast asked, “Have you seen the chopper on the roof?” We’d all been so dazzled by the yacht itself as we approached, none of us had looked up and spotted the helicopter.

What’s your favorite Cannes meal?

Le Maschou is the only restaurant in Cannes that I actually look forward to eating in. Venice and Berlin beat Cannes hands-down for restaurants.

Do you have any advice to anyone heading to Cannes for the first time?

Try to maintain your dignity. Your career will not be over if you don’t get into that party.

How has Cannes changed over the years that you’ve been attending?

Much less money being spent on lavish parties.

Do you have a favorite Cannes memory?

The Velvet Goldmine party in 1998. It was the epitome of what everyone at home thinks I do when I go to Cannes — as opposed to the reality. And the applause at the end of The Straight Story, particularly for Richard Farnsworth. The longest I’ve ever witnessed, and it was incredibly moving.

This story first appeared in the May 22 Cannes daily issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

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