Cannes: Roberto Duran Doc Throws First Market Punch (Exclusive)

AP Images

'I am Duran' is being launched by Kaleidoscope Film Distribution.

Panamanian boxing legend Roberto Duran — who famously beat the undefeated Sugar Ray Leonard in 1980’s Brawl in Montreal, only to forfeit the rematch midway through some five months later — is now being given the documentary treatment, in addition to the Robert De Niro-starring biopic due out in October.

I am Duran will be introduced to buyers in the Marche du Film, with London-based Kaleidoscope Film Distribution handling worldwide sales.

Directed by British sports documentary maker Mat Hodgson for his Ad Hoc banner, the film will tell the story of a man who many consider to be the best lightweight of all time, as well as the social impact he made in his native country.

"Roberto Duran isn’t just an acclaimed boxer. He has a cultural influence and legacy that transcends most professional athletes — using his fame and notoriety to help the people of Panama," said Spencer Pollard of Kaleidoscope, which will be releasing I am Duran in the U.K.