Cannes 2012: Trailer Park Rock Opera Version of 'Romeo And Juliet' on Offer

Romeo P 2012

U.K. sales banner Moviehouse Entertainment brings Tim van Dammen's version of the classic love tale to the Marche du Film.

A pop rock opera version of Shakespeare's classic tragedy Romeo and Juliet is asking buyers "where art thou?" in the Marche du Film.

In stark contrast to the Julian Fellowes' penned lavish costume drama Romeo And Juliet currently romancing buyers, Tim van Dammen's version promises trashy trailer park divisions, rock, rap and pop. U.K.-based Moviehouse Entertainment is handling sales for the project shot in New Zealand named Romeo and Juliet: A Love Song.

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Producers are Michael O'Neill, Peter van der Fluit, Alastair Carruthers, van Dammen, Simon Lake and Oscar-winning editor Jamie Selkirk (Lord of the Rings: Return of the King). The music is written by Michael O'Neill and Peter van der Fluit in this version of the classic love tragedy which is "almost entirely sung" according to Carruthers.

Said van Dammen: "Every generation reinvents Romeo and Juliet in a way that strikes a chord with its peculiar sensibilities, experiences and outlook. This, then, is Romeo and Juliet for the YouTube generation, a film that plays off the wide-ranging tastes of youth accustomed to taking the glamorous with the grimy, the comic with the tragic, the beautiful with the freakish and the venal with the elevated."

Romeo and Juliet: A Love Song is financed by private sources and the New Zealand Film Commission whose CEO Graeme Mason said van Dammen's version "takes one of the all time classics and makes it interesting and accessible to a whole new generation."