Cannes: Ron Perlman's Producing Plans Include His Own Directorial Debut (Q&A)

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The "Sons of Anarchy" star is carving out the slate for his newly launched company, Wing and a Prayer Productions.

Ron Perlman may be known for playing the superhero demon Hellboy and a badass Sons of Anarchy biker, but he's adding a new role to his repertoire: producer. The actor launched his company Wing and a Prayer Productions ahead of the fest and is hitting the Croisette to put together his first slate of 10 films, with an eye toward dramas similar to the "beautiful little movies" he loved in the '70s.

In Cannes, Perlman spoke to THR about his plans for his new company.

What are you doing in Cannes?

I'm working on my tan, and I'm coming this close to going too far, alcohol-wise. [Laughs.] Everything came into place for us to make this announcement in conjunction with the Cannes Film Festival, which I have a long, beautiful history with. We're circling four different projects, but we're not really sure which is going to be first to be announced because for some we're looking for actors, and for some we're looking for directors.

How'd you come up with the name?

It's basically how I feel every time you commit to a creative endeavor, film probably being the riskiest of all because there are so many moving parts. There's a few ways to go right and a million ways to go wrong. It's like being a test pilot, and those are the guys who came up with the term "I'm flying on a wing and a prayer." I actually got a checking account called Wing and a Prayer Pictures in 1986. I still have the checks in my house -- that's how long I've been dreaming about this.

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Are you planning to work with new writers and directors or more established?

I want it to be a combination. We're looking to do things that are "unobviously" brilliant. It will be a celebration of originality and a place where people who make their living doing big commercial films can spread their wings on a different level here and do things that are experimental.

Are you planning on acting in these projects?

Some of the projects were sent to me to attach myself as an actor. There were two scripts in particular, so we optioned them, and I have to be in them because everybody else who is in my age range has passed away. Everybody's dead except me. If you're in your 60s, with a craggy face and sort of overweight -- I'm the only one left. So I will only be in these movies when I have to be, but I will produce all of them.

What about directing?

One of the first five is going to be my directorial debut, and that might be the one we announce first. It might even be while we're still here in Cannes. That will be a movie that will go into production before 2014 is out.

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