Cannes: Russia's Glavkino Backs Pyotr Buslov's 'Flip-Out'

The freshly-opened purpose built studio and production financier said it is also planning to expand its physical studios.

Russia’s new purpose-built film and TV studio Glavkino, set up by filmmaker Feodor Bondarchuk and Ilya Bachurin, announced its first four feature films and an aim to expand its studio facilities.

Speaking at an event in the Russian pavilion at the Cannes Film Festival hosted by Catherine Mtsitouridze of Roskino, Bachurin said the group's first production slate "illustrates our ambition to produce films of national importance and to support up and coming Russian filmmakers."

The first four projects, currently in pre-production, includes Flip-out, directed by Pyotr Buslov from a script by Andrey Migahov, Alexey Shipenko and Buslov.

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Starring Petr Feodorov, Lybov Novikova and Aleksy Smolyakov the movie is a father and daughter drama.

Buslov’s film Boomer was the first Russian film to draw audiences to Russian cinemas in decades, the sequel Boomer-2 was a box office leader, and his biopic Vysotskywas the number one hit of 2011.  Shooting from November.

"We want to help create the conditions for the growth of the film industry and to achieve this, it is essential that we attract bigger international projects and strategic partners and investors to Russia," Bachurin said. "Russia has to be able to produce and make larger-scale productions if we are to play a bigger role in the international film industry and ultimately attract larger audiences for our films."

The all-digital film and TV production studio Glavkino comprises a production facilities complex, a production company and a script lab.

Currently housing 12 production stages occupying 9,000 square meters and plans to add additional stages and expand its technical facilities and services. The studio opened in March 2012 following four years of development and backed by $100 million of private investment.

A second phase of development will see a further investment of $100 million.