Cannes: Salma Hayek Explains Why She Defied the Selfie Ban (Video)

AP Images/Invision

"It's important to be present," Hayek told THR.

Salma Hayek told The Hollywood Reporter during a sit-down interview at Cannes Film Festival that she is a newcomer to utilizing technology and doesn't take many selfies.

"I am new on Instagram. I'm new to technology," Hayek told THR. "I don't have many selfies and frankly, I really suck at it. I'm so bad."

Hayek said that her friends pressure her to take selfies for posting on social media. Audience-members asked the actress to take a selfie with them during a panel at the film festival, which she apologized for because of the film festival's ban on the self-taken images.

"It's important to be present," Hayek told THR about taking photos.