Cannes 2012: Actress Sarah Gadon Attends in Support of Both David Cronenberg and Son Brandon's Films

Sarah Gadon - P 2012
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The Canadian star lands in Cannes to support Brandon Cronenberg's "Antiviral" and his father's "Cosmopolis."

Actress Sarah Gadon anticipated being asked to choose which filmmaker proved to be her favorite to work with when she landed in Cannes this week to support her turns in a pair of titles.

But it’s a question that is more loaded than normal for the star, whose profile is rapidly rising.

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The filmmakers in question are Cronenberg senior and Cronenberg junior, or David and Brandon to their respective crews.

Gadon appears in David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis, which unspools In Competition here next week. But before that she will walk the blue carpet for Brandon Cronenberg’s Un Certain Regard entry Antiviral.

Prior to her turn alongside Robert Pattinson in Cosmopolis, Gadon also had a role in Cronenberg senior’s A Dangerous Method opposite Michael Fassbender.

Gadon told The Hollywood Reporter that the first time she saw an email from Brandon asking her to read the Antiviral script she broke out in a cold sweat.

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“As soon as I saw it I thought, ‘Oh no.’ Because I love David so much and loved working with him on his films, I was worried and thought, ‘What if I don’t like his [Brandon’s] script,” Gadon said.

She said she got back to Cronenberg the younger to ask him if he was sure he wanted her to work with her because of her working history with his father.

She needn’t have worried on either count. Gadon said the script was great and Brandon was “so sure and convincing and enthusiastic” about the way he wanted to make his film, there was no way she was going to say no.

“He [Brandon] was very different from his father. He’s at a completely different stage in his career — he’s a first time director and writer — and so is digesting and learning all the time,” Gadon said.

Having worked with David Cronenberg twice now, Gadon is an old hand at dealing with questions of methodology.

“It was really exhilarating to get that call again because I know working with him would be a game-changer for my career and it was,” she said.

“It felt like a gift in the sense that all the movies he makes are so dense and have so many layers of interpretations and methods, it always feels like a project to really get your teeth into.”

The call back to star in for a second Cronenberg project was a massive boost.

“It felt like the responsibility I had felt to elevate my own skills and acting had been worth it. It made me feel like I’d achieved something to be asked back to work again.”

So who’s the best to work with?

“They’re both so different,” said Gadon. “If David were to ask to work with me again, it would be an honor and if Brandon were to ask, it would be fantastic to play a part in what I am sure will be a growing career in filmmaking.”