Cannes: Sci-Fi Horror Tale 'Human Race' Sells for Germany, Australia, Japan

XLrator picked up U.S. rights to Paul Hough's feature, in which 80 people are forced to engage in a race to the death.

Buyers are moving at breakneck speed to snatch up The Human Race, a sci-fi horror film written and directed by Paul Hough, which Jinga Films is shopping internationally at the Cannes market.

Multi-platform group XLrator acquired U.S. rights to The Human Race, KSM took German-speaking Europe, Anchor Bay picked up the film for Australia and New Zealand, and IPA bought Japanese rights. 

"We are receiving offers every day" said Jinga's Julian Richards. "We have strong interest from Scandinavia and Benelux, and I'm expecting to close these territories before the end of the market."

The genre title, which premiered at the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal last year, is a high-concept feature set in a near future. Eighty people are abducted from a city street and forced to engage in a brutal race to the death. Only one person will cross the finish line alive.

Jaime Hough produced The Human Race with veteran director John Hough (Escape from Witch Mountain), Paul's father, executive producing.