Cannes: Shoreline Touts Brendan Fraser Comedy Western 'With the Outlaws'

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The actor exits TNT's "Legends," his first attempt at a TV series, amid reports of clashes with showrunner Howard Gordon.

The project will be directed by Andy Morahan and scripted and produced by Nicholas Sercombe.

Shoreline Entertainment has signed up for worldwide sales duties for Andy Morahan's With The Outlaws, a comedy western starring Brendan Fraser.

Billed as a comedy caper, the script turns the classic western genre on its head as it portrays what life would be like for British immigrants settling in the Wild West.

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Written and produced by Nicholas Sercombe, the deal was negotiated by Steve Macy on behalf of Shoreline and Sercombe.

Shoreline CEO Morris Ruskin says: "I’m attracted to the project because it is an extremely funny and entertaining script with a hero that is absolutely perfect for Brendan Fraser."