Cannes: South Korea's 'The Target' Sells to Several Territories

"The Target"

The crime actioner, which is getting a midnight screening at the French festival, is also drawing crowds at the home box office.

South Korean crime actioner The Target has been sold to buyers for European, Middle Eastern and South American territories during the Cannes Film Market, CJ Entertainment said Thursday.

The film is expected to hit cinemas across Germany, Switzerland and Turkey, while Gulf Film, which handles major distribution channels in the Middle East, will distribute for that region. The Target has also been successful at the Korean box office, so far garnering $20.2 million, or 2.64 million viewers, since opening April 30.

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A remake of the French blockbuster Point Blank, the film by Yoon Hong-seung follows a young doctor's struggles to survive after treating a murder suspect.

"The Target has a universal storyline that anyone can enjoy regardless of cultural background, and this along with the film's speedy, pulsating action seems to have appealed to buyers," said Kini Seong-eun Kim, head of international sales and distribution at CJ Entertainment.

Filmmakers behind the original film, Gaumont, have praised the remake. "The original makers of the film said they enjoyed the film and were particularly impressed by [lead actor] Ryu Seung-ryong's acting," said a spokesperson for Yong Film, The Target's production company. "[The original film's director] Fred Cavaye called Ryu 'the Korean Robert De Niro' and said he would like to work with him one day."

The Target will be receiving a midnight screening at Cannes at 12:30 a.m. on Friday.