Striking Street Style at the Cannes Film Festival

Cannes Street Syle Main - H 2017
Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

So many people pounding the pavement here in the South of France look red carpet ready, with swagger to match. When asked for her personal style inspiration, one Cannes visitor (from Amsterdam) shouted, "Solange f—ing Knowles."

The Multi-Hyphenate
Name: Daniela Torres
Residence: Colombia
Work: Model, make-up artist, designer
My Look: "For me, it's important to be different — minimal with color blocking," she says, wearing top by Colombian designer and shoes by Zara.
My Style Icon: Emily Ratajkowski

The Future Filmmaker
Residence: Portland, Oregon
Occupation: Intern at AMPAV, Portland State University film student
My Look: "Today I wanted to wear something professional and business-like that could transition to cocktail party attire," she says, wearing shorts by Forever 21, top by H&M, shoes by Doc Martens and bag by VMATEPU and a Zac Efron-emblazoned phone case.
My Style Icon: Aishwarya Rai

The Instagram Influencer
NameNima Benati
Residence: Italy
Job: Fashion photographer
My Look: "I like to dress casual for work, but even when I try to dress casual my friends tell me I (look) dressed up. I really just want to be comfortable with what I'm wearing," she says in shirt by Zara, pants by Elizabetta Franchi, sandals by Celine and bag by Zara.

The Party Boy
NameGiulio Brambilla
Residence: Italy
Job: Architect
My Look: "It’s 'I'm hungover from last night,'" he jokes, in a shirt by Zara and shoes by Stan Smith for Adidas. "I like to start the day with some color and some flowers."
My Style Icon: Mariano Di Vaio

The Professional
Name: Marta Garzotto
Residence: Germany
Job: Business consultant
My Look: "I like to style my look as fashionable and fun," she says in skirt by Sandro, top by Chloe, shoes by Gianvito Rossi, and purse and necklace both by Chanel.
My Style Icon: Emily Ratajkowski

“Millennial" Man
Name: Constantine
Residence: France
Job: Freelance photographer, L'Oreal consultant
My Look: "Relaxed — casual street wear," he says, in pants by Alexander Wang, shoes by Stella McCartney and a custom shirt designed by a friend.
My Style Icon: "My friend Sebastian who made this shirt from his Tumblr post."

Vacay Lady
Name: Jo-Ann With
Residence: Holland
Job: Product Design
My Look: "I'm here on holiday for the sun," she says in an all-vintage ensemble, admitting she was unaware the festival was happening. "My look is a basic look and because I'll be out for a long time I needed something for day and night."
My Style Icon: "Solange f—ing Knowles! She's my everything."

J'adore Amour
Name: Natasha Roberts
Residence: USA
Job: Art adviser
My Look: "Well, I wanted to dress up romantic, like the French Riviera," she says, in dress by Halston Heritage, shoes by Steve Madden (a "last minute airport purchase"), bag by Chanel and sunglasses by Miu Miu. "I wanted to be in theme with where I am."
My Style Icon: Audrey Hepburn

Lover of the Sea
Name: Elizabeth Sutton
Residence: USA
Job: Artist, Mom-preneur
My Look: "Honestly, it's just so South of France," she says, in dress by Max Azria, shoes by Chanel, bag by Bari Lynn and earrings by Bitz of Glitz. "Very nautical chic."
My Style Icon: Olivia Palermo

The Model Import
Name: Daniela Lopez-Osorio
Residence: Colombia
Job: Model
My Look: "Just fresh and easy and flowy," she says, wearing sweater by Tennis Columbia, shoes by Gianvito Rossi and sunglasses "that my stylist gave me. I don't want to be uncomfortable."
My Style Icon: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley